Here’s What Others Have Said about Past Questing Spirit Retreats

Questing Spirit Retreats have drawn people of diverse backgrounds from all over the world....
Participants on our Retreats report having had a truly wonderful, deeply moving, transformational experience, as well as fun and adventure. Some have experienced physical healing, found support in overcoming chronic physical illness, while others have reported emotional, psychological, and spiritual healing, growth, insight, and enrichment. 

Questing Spirit's owners Phillip & Ana Jones have been leading retreats for many years. They led 2 amazing Mystical France Retreats in 2012 and have led three 7-day ‘Hawaiian Odyssey’ Group Pilgrimages, four 7-day ‘Fly With The Angels—Swim with the Dolphins Spirit Quests’, two 4-day Vision Quests, a Soul Journey to Machu Picchu, Peru in 2006, as well as numerous other day retreats and weekend retreats large and small. 
Here are some direct quotes from just a few of our prior participants:
“Your trip had something for everyone! It is well planned and organized, and is something that everyone should do at some point in their lives. The company and the leaders are balanced, sincere, and Divinely inspired to aid others in a complete personal pilgrimage." 
- Sheila M., North Carolina

“This trip was the best week of my life!” 
–Mike P., Arlington, VA

"I had the most amazing healing and uplifting experience on the retreat! Swimming with the dolphins was a transcendental experience! The  workshops were illuminating and the food was just as you said it would be--  gourmet, bountiful organic food! That's me in the orange t-shirt... looking  forward to my next retreat with Ana and Philip! See you there!"
Brooke Brody,MSW LCSW-C

“Thank you for such a joyful, powerful, adventurous experience. This was my 4th time to the Hawaiian Islands, yet I see this as my first, thanks to you. I really heard the ocean this time, really saw the lava rock, really smelled the plumeria, and was truly in the moment as I felt the black sand massage my feet.”  
- Terri J., Rockville, MD

"Thank you, Ana and Phillip, for our Pilgrimage.  It opened my heart and eyes to life after the death of my husband. You have helped me in so many incredible ways!"

Christina, Asheville NC
"Ana and Phillip Jones have a great gift for seeing what is beyond the physical world while connecting deeply with it. Their journeys offer a great opportunity for personal growth and amazing experiences within! I  am still deciphering profound dreams and messages that came to me while on  retreat with them."
-Luci L., Shanghai China

“Your retreats were the most awesome experience of my life! What an opportunity to explore spirituality in a beautiful, pristine, sacred place, among wonderful loving souls. You help people find meaning in a sometimes meaningless world. I didn’t think anything could compare to the first retreat I went on with you but the second one was even better than the first.”
 - Julie Kudo, Boulder, Colorado

-- Roberta Warren, Washington, DC  

“Truly one of the best trips, if not the best trip I’ve ever taken. I feel lighter, more joyful.”
-     Regina Norton, Washington Grove, MD   
" I have learned more from your day retreat than from anyone else in any other workshop or training that I have ever attended. Thank you so much for helping me understand the energy in a whole and advanced way."
- K. Serejski, Silver Spring, MD