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Questing Spirit, LLC  - Terms and Conditions
All prices are based on 2014 rates and are subject to changes on future trips.

This agreement contains the terms and conditions by which Questing Spirit, LLC, 45-3684 Mamane Street, Honokaa, Hi, 96727 ("Operator"), in consideration for a Participant’s payment, agrees to provide this travel tour/spiritual pilgrimage. 

Participant's sending of any payment, says that you have read these terms and conditions and agree to them. 

RESERVATIONS AND PAYMENT: Registrations and payments may be made online, by phone, or by mail. If your registration form and payments are submitted online at the Operator's website your payment must be made by credit card only through Paypal, (no Paypal account is necessary.) If payments are being made by phone or by mail the Operator will only accept payment by CHECK, MONEY ORDER, VISA, OR MASTERCARD.  Make all checks payable to Questing Spirit, LLC and mail to : PO BOX 1553 HONOKAA, HI 96727.  If payment is made over the phone by credit card, a signed, fully completed universal charge form ("UCC" without approval) or a fully completed Registration Form with the credit card portion signed and fully completed for payment must be received to secure reservations. Any other person or entity (including a travel agent) who receives monies from Participants does so strictly as an agent of Participants. Tender of payment to Operator constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.

RESPONSIBILITY AND LIABILITY: Operator, as the principal, is responsible for arranging all of the services, ground transportation, meals and accommodations offered in our itinerary in connection with this trip and will have staff available to help resolve group travel needs as they arise. The Operator does not own or operate, nor is it an agent for any of the firms which will provide goods and services for this trip or for any option which may be available in connection with the trip (including hotels, bus rentals, etc.) and the Operator has not priced the trip or options to allow Operator to guarantee against failure of any such firms. Accordingly, Participant(s) agree to seek remedies directly with the supplier and not to hold the Operator liable, in the absence of negligence, for any loss, injury, delay or expense which results directly or indirectly from any action or omission, whether negligent, criminal or otherwise, of any entity providing goods or services for the trip or any available option (e.g., without limitation, the quality of services at hotel accommodations, hotel overbooking, other hotel issues, flight delays, etc.).  Participant(s) also agree not to hold Operator liable for circumstances beyond its control (e.g., terrorism attacks, force majeure, extreme weather conditions, train or bus breakdowns, strikes, etc.).
 Participant(s) acknowledge that neither Operator nor its agents have made any representation or promise with respect to the tour described herein except as expressly set forth in the Operator's literature (website), unless such agreement is in writing and signed by any officer of Operator.  At any time, the Operator may decline, for any reason, any person as a Participant on a trip (or excursion) whereupon the Operator's only obligation shall be to refund to such person that portion of the payment allocable to the unused services.

CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY: The right to a refund if a Participant changes plans is very limited.  
  • All requests to cancel registration must be in writing and sent (return receipt) to the Operator.  
  • Operator will remit any applicable refunds to Participant(s) within 14 business days after receipt of the cancellation request.
  • If you choose to cancel your registration, your cancellation notice must be received in writing by the Operator by the deadline dates for refunds sent forth in the applicable registration form. All deposits and payments are 95% refundable for cancellation received on or prior to 6/16/14, 50% refundable for cancellation received on or prior to 7/16/14, and 25% refundable up for cancellations received on or prior to 8/10/14, and non-refundable thereafter. Retreat packages are transferable, and can be transferred into someone else's name. (To transfer your airline tickets you must check with your airline carrier for details on their policy regarding this, and handle all issues with your airline ticket through your airline carrier.) 
  • All full or partial refunds prompted by Participant's cancellation request shall also be subject to an administrative charge of $50.00.  
  • The rights and remedies made available herein are in addition to any others available under applicable law. 
  • However, Operator offers refunds under this contract with the express understanding that endorsement of a refund by Participant(s) constitutes a waiver of any such additional rights and remedies by the Participant(s) against the Operator. 
  • Retreat Package is transferable, thus Participants may choose to transfer their retreat package into another name. 
  • In the unlikely event of extreme circumstances (occurring within 14 days or less of the retreat start date 9/18/14) such as terrorism attacks, force majeure, extremely dangerous or impassible weather conditions, or other similar types of extreme events that make the trip legally or physically impossible the Operator may be forced to cancel or reschedule the trip. Every attempt will be made to reschedule the trip for a more suitable time but due to hotel contracts, contracts with tour guides, etc. rescheduling may not be possible. If under these extreme circumstance rescheduling attempts fail and the trip is canceled for extreme circumstances beyond our control then all participants will be notified by phone and in writing and NO refunds will be given.  Participant(S) agree not to hold Operator liable for circumstances beyond its control. It is recommended that you purchase trip cancellation insurance that covers these types of extreme reasons for cancellation. 
  • This trip/retreat may be canceled or rescheduled at any time by the Operator for business reasons.  In event of cancellation or rescheduling by the Operator for business reasons, 14 days or more before the scheduled start date of 9/18/14, Participant(s) will be notified in writing  and by phone and will be issued a full refund of all deposits or payments made on the retreat package purchased.  (Refunds for airfare can only be obtained through your airline carrier where you purchased your airline tickets).
  • No partial refunds will be given by the Operator if the Participant chooses not participate in all of the activities included our itinerary & covered in the retreat package. 
  • No partial refunds of any kind will be given if the Participant chooses not to utilize all of the included amenities, transportation, admissions, accommodations or any part of the included features of the package. 
  • Participant Substitutions of one service for another are not permitted and not included in retreat package. 
  • The Operator may choose to substitute one option or service for another if it is of same value for the participants. Thus, the itinerary is subject to changes that are of equal value or more, chosen by the Operator

FORUM FOR DISPUTES: This agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Hawaii.  In the event a dispute can not be amicably resolved and a court action is required, Participant and Operator agree to have any dispute resolved in a court of competent jurisdiction in Hawaii County, Hawaii, subject to any rights of appeal.

CHECK-IN/DEPARTURE PROCEDURE & POLICY: Failure to check-in a timely manner, without notice, and in accordance with the designated instructions that will be provided or other pre-arranged agreements, may result in cancellation and no refund will be granted. If you are late in checking-in you must contact the Operator with your estimated time of arrival, and if joining the group really late, you must make your own transportation arrangements as to how and where you will be joining the group. The retreat itinerary does not allow for any early departures. If for any reason you must depart early from the retreat then you must do so at your own expense and no refund will be given by the Operator for any unused portion of your retreat package. After reading the itinerary carefully the Participant agrees to make all travel plans to arrive on or before the retreat arrival day and to depart on or after the departure date. Early arrival & late departure arrangements must be made by the Participant(s).

PACKAGE PRICE: Includes only items specifically stated in Operator's current literature(website), the contents of which are specifically made a part hereof.  Certain secondary features of a package are based on supplier or service provider policy and may be changed, added or deleted by the Operator after printing of literature. Operator has the right to substitute services or accommodations in similar categories for items listed in the literature, but no substitutions can be made by the participants.  PLEASE NOTE: Operator reserves the right to re-invoice Participant(s) in case of an error made in computing retreat price.

INSURANCE: Trip cancellation/interruption, health, accident and luggage insurance is available from private companies and is not required but it is strongly recommended. The participant, and not the Operator, is solely responsible for attaining such insurance. 

*INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS:  Participants are responsible to book their own flights through a commercial airlines. The operation of international flights is subject to the foreign government involved in granting landing rights for the flights.  If the direct air carrier cannot obtain these rights, the flights will be canceled and full refunds of your airline costs are made to all Participants by the airlines you purchase your tickets through. Each passenger on these International flights will be required to carry a current Passport. No refunds for anything pertaining to your flights will be made from the Operator. 

*LUGGAGE: The Operator will not be responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged luggage or personal belongings of the Participant(s). Luggage travels at the risk of the Participant(s) and not of the Operator; and luggage insurance is strongly recommended.

*PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP: Participant(s) are responsible for determining and obtaining proper documentation. A passport for international travel is required. Failure to carry proper proof of citizenship may lead to denied entry to aircraft or foreign country.  No refunds will be made.  No refunds will be made if improper documentation results in denied boarding or entry. If you are a citizen of a foreign country other than France or the United States then you will need to check with your countries state department to find out if you will need a travel visa in order to visit France. Citizens of The United States of America are not required to obtain a travel visa in order to visit France but citizens of several other countries are required to obtain visas, and this differs from country to country. Again, participants are responsible for determining and obtaining proper documentation.

*AIRCRAFT, FLIGHT CHANGES AND DELAYS: Participant(s) are subject to the ticket terms and tariffs of the airlines, which, when issued, shall be the sole contract between the airline and the Participant. Upon purchasing your airline tickets you must provide the Operator with a copy of your flight itinerary. If changes are made in your flight plan you must contact the Operator with notice of those changes.

ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS:  Tender of payment to Operator constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions by Participant.

 *denotes applicable on international trips.

Registration - Complete Package
Mystical France North, South & Extended Weekend

 Retreats 1, 2, & 3 ALL Combined for a Complete 19 day, 18 night Package

September 18 - October 6, 2014 

  Sponsored by Questing Spirit, LLC

50% Deposit Secures Your Reservation!
Final Payment Due in Full by 8/10/14
if registering after 8/10/14 you must register by phone with payment in full
* I have read and agree to Terms and Conditions Listed Below
Please Print & Retain a Copy for Yourself!
If you are printing the pdf form linked here or at the top of this page and mailing it in instead of doing this online form then please mail original form and make all payments to: Questing Spirit, LLC  P.O. Box 1553 Honokaa, Hawaii 96727
TO REGISTER BY PHONE CALL: (808) 775-9911 Email Questions to:   [email protected]
19 Day / 18 Night Complete Package to Northern and Southern France, with Weekend in Paris

Early Bird Package Price: $6700 (must register and pay a 50% deposit by no later than 7/12/14)
Regular Package Price: $6700(for registrations received from 7/13/14 through 8/1/14)
Late Registration Price: $6900 (for registrations received from 8/2/14 through 8/10/14)
CREDIT CARD FEE: If you are paying by credit card an additional fee of 3% will be added to your total. To avoid this fee simply print the pdf version of this registration form and mail it in with a check or money order to Questing Spirit, LLC at PO Box 1553 Honokaa, HI 96727

This option and retreat package is our complete registration for Retreats 1, 2, and 3 combined. This COMPLETE PACKAGE INCLUDES:

​ All daily Excursions/fees listed on the itineraries for Retreat 1, 2 & 3 

 The entire combined Pilgrimage Programs described in the itineraries for ALL retreats.

 18 nights hotel lodging (based on double occupancy) in 3 star hotels, includes 7 nights at La Maison Templiere in the southern retreat as well as 1 night in Paris on the travel day from the south to the north, followed by 3 nights in Paris, 3 nights on the island of Mont Saint Michel and 4 more additional nights in Paris before departure.

 Several Meals ---Includes All breakfasts, lunches and dinners in Southern France plus all breakfasts and one lunch at the Eiffel tower in Northern France, and breakfasts only for retreat 3

 Ground Transportation - Includes all ground transportation in southern France starting at the airport in Toulouse. In addition this package aslo includes a one way train ticket to Paris from Toulouse where you will travel with the group from Toulouse to Paris via high speed rail. The northern retreat ground transportation will then include subway passes for all excursions in Paris, a roundtrip train ticket and bus fare from Paris to Mont Saint Michel and return. All subway and train tickets for retreat 3 are also included. This retreat package will end in Paris on October 6th, no ground transportation will be provided to the Paris airport upon departure. We will provide shuttle and taxi info for the Paris airport, as well as help organize ride shares if possible.

 Logistical support from our coordinators


Please list any and ALL Physical Restrictions, Injuries, Ailments, Health Conditions, Allergies, Food Allergies, and Dietary Restrictions, that you have as we may need to be aware of them:
Are you on any special medications we need to know about? 
If yes, what kind? (All information is held strictly confidential and will help us care for your health and safety on this pilgrimage)
In case of an emergency please list the name, number, and  address of your emergency contact person:
* indicates that every filed needs to be filled in with something
Full Legal Name*
City, State, Zip, Country*
Phone (Home)*
Phone (Cell)*
Confirm Email*
Date of Birth*
Your registration is not complete without clicking the box above that you have read our terms and conditions and without making a your 50% deposit. To pay your deposit online fill in the info above and click the 'SUBMIT' Button Below Here, To phone in your registration simply call us at 808-775-9911
19 Days / 18 Nights

Starts with...

Sept. 18 - 25, 2014 in 
Mystical France South 

 The Magdalene, The Grail & You 

Includes 7 nights in the Languedoc region of Southern France, where Mary Magdalene mysteries and legends of the Holy Grail have long thrived and "calls" to people from all over the world to this day. Sacred pilgrimages to: the ancient cite of Carcassonne, Toulouse, Rennes Le Chateau, Montsegur, Cathar Castles, sacred caves and more.

includes train trip with us from Toulouse to Paris on 9/25/14 and that night in our Paris hotel and then continues on through....

Sept. 26 - October 3, 2014 
Mystical France North 

Angels of Paris 
& Soul Journey to Mont Saint Michel 

7 night pilgrimage in Northern France will include 3 nights in Paris at the beginning of the retreat where we you will be guided on pilgrimage to well known sites. Here you will come personally into touch with the sacred energies present within the city and we will discover 'The Angels of Paris' at world renowned places such as : Le Madelene, Notre Dame, The Fountain of St. Michael, The Louvre, and more. Then the group will travel together via round trip train and bus rides to Mont Saint Michel in Normandy France where we will stay 3 nights on the ancient island of Mont Saint Michel (The Mount of Archangel Michael). After departure from Mont St. Michel we will return to Paris for one final night.

​and then continues on through...
October 3-6, 2014

Journey into the Sacred Heart 

A Special Crown of Thorns Pilgrimage  

3 night pilgrimage in Paris will include: A special all day trip on Friday 10/3 to the Isle de la Cite in Paris to tour Saint Chapelle, the former reliquary for The Crown of Thorns, and then on to Notre Dame for their monthly unveiling of the Crown of Thorns, the sacred relic of Christ that Notre Dame holds as their most sacred possesion. 

 Days 2 and 3 of this special weekend will include day trips to Chartres Cathedral, and to Sacre Cour.

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