About Our Pilgrimage Programs
"We are all questing spirits, here on a human pilgrimage."
-Ana Jones

All pilgrimage programs (described on this site) are included in your Mystical France retreat package of choice. There will be personal and private time at many of the sacred places we will be visiting. While you are encouraged to participate in the entire program of your retreat, all of the scheduled activities are OPTIONAL.... which means, you can decline from participating in anything that is scheduled and opt for private time instead. Our pilgrimage program creates the "vessel" and context for your journey, holding the sacred space and providing the spiritual support you need to make the connections and have the experiences you set the intentions for and choose to have.

In addition to the teachings and facilitated experiences you will have during your retreat each participant, during and after the retreat will be given the option to join a private 'participants only' Facebook page. This special private page will be a place where you can dialogue with the facilitators, and other participants, share photos, and more. Preceding the retreat you have the option to join our Mystical France group facebook page if you would like to learn more from some of the educational posts that will be shared there leading up to the tour. Post pilgrimage, you will also be invited to attend one free tele-conference (after the tour has ended) as a follow up for all participants during the re-integration stage of the pilgrimage. Again, all of these will be offered, but are optional.

The Three Stages of Pilgrimage:

During our Mystical France Retreats all participants will be guided by our retreat leaders through the traditional and historical 3 stages of pilgrimage which we call: 
  • Preparation, 
  • Transformation 
  • Re-Integration

Each stage of pilgrimage is unique.... and every itinerary has been designed with these three stages in mind. Teachings about them will not only be given during the pilgrimage, but also in advance through your participant's welcome package. Our retreat leaders will also be speaking about them in the free tele-conferences, leading up to the retreat. Every tele-conference will be recorded and posted on this website so you can go and listen to the recordings of them any time at your leisure. 

Stage One of your pilgrimage begins the day you decide to go!

What is a Modern Day Pilgrimage & What is a good time to go on one?

In this era, we are all undergoing a profound planetary shift and universal transformation that we at Questing Spirit Retreats call "a shift of the ages" that can be seen as a 'Great Rite of Passage' reshaping our lives, and the world as we know it. 

There are many new doorways opening now that are allowing us all to play a role in co-creating our personal and planetary futures. Our 'Mystical France' Pilgrimage Program is more than just an ordinary tour, it is designed as a modern day Sacred Quest, facilitating for its participants a personal rite of passage aligned with your highest intentions for your spiritual awakening.  

A pilgrimage in and of itself helps you to consciously open the gateways within yourself; to bring your mind & heart, body & soul, and masculine & feminine energies into sacred union. 

When we engage sacred mysteries as powerful as things like The Holy Grail, we do not profess to know what the true Holy Grail is, nor do we promise that in a pilgrimage you will find it. A Grail Quest is about the transformation and spiritual enlightenment that is brought to you through the journey itself! 
The approach we take is to explore a variety of philosophies about the sacred sites and mysteries we will be exploring, all the while engaging your body, mind, heart & soul on the transformational sacred act of questing/seeking.  

Sacred Time & Sacred Place:

Our Mystical France Retreats are also aligned with sacred time, by beginning in the time period of The Fall Equinox. The Fall Equinox is a sacred time when there is equal day and equal night (equi = equal / nox = night)...it is a time of balance for the yin and the yang: the masculine and the feminine energies. The harvest equinox is celebrated as a sacred time to reap what we have sown, and gather the seeds for what we will grow next. 

Sacred times such as these are so powerful that they are known to amplify all of the inner work and spiritual advancement that happens during meditations, ceremonies, quests and pilgrimages that occur at these times. By design we have chosen these dates to enhance your questing experience.


Our Pilgrimage Programs are ecumenical, non-sectarian experiences that will allow you to discover greater insight into:

  • The Sacred Feminine, Mary Magdalene, The Black Madonna, & The Ancient Goddess
  • The Sacred Union of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine
  • The Holy Grail, The Knights Templar, & Gothic Cathedrals
  • The Cathars, The Celts, & The Druids
  • Sacred Alignments,Cosmology & Sacred Time
  • Sacred Geometry & Sacred Geomancy (Earth's Energy Leylines & Meridians)
  • Angels & Archangels

Some of the Things Included in our Pilgrimage Programs will be 
teachings on and faciltated experiences with:

  • Deepening Your Personal Relationship with Divinty
  • Angels, Alchemy & Archetypes
  • Sacred Songs & Chants
  • The Original Aramaic Lord's Prayer & The Prayer of The Heart
  • Labyrinth Meditation & Walking Meditation
  • Angelic Message Transmissions & Wisdom Teachings from the Archangel Michael
  • Awakening of Your Second Sight, Spiritual Hearing, & Intuitive Knowing
  • Spiritual Healing & Conscious Dreamwork
  • Balancing your Body, Mind & Spirit through Gentle & Restorative Chakra Yoga
  • Guided Visualizations, Guided Meditations & Inner Journeys
​(see your specific retreat itinerary for exactly which of these are included with your retreat)
While many of the places we will be visiting are under the care, management, and spiritual direction of the Catholic Church, our pilgrimage program is NOT sanctioned under or part of the church. Our pilgrimage programs are interfaith, ecumenical and designed for people all faiths and traditions.
Questing Spirit is dedicated to bringing the wisdom found in ancient cultures into our modern lives by honoring both the essence of the past traditions and the spirit of our modern age. With love and compassion we seek to inspire, nurture, and guide you in being who you truly are, fulfilling your unique purpose in life, and growing deeper in your personal relationship with Divinity.

Questing Spirit organizes and leads Sacred Tours, Pilgrimages and Retreats to places of power and spirit. Of all human adventures, we consider the Sacred Quest to be the greatest, crossing racial, cultural and religious boundaries in its deeply human and divine search for the soul’s home in sacred space and sacred time. Questing Spirit, LLC is committed to facilitating interfaith, non-sectarian sacred journeys to help all questing spirits around the world find their own beauty, power and grace.